About Us

BOYI Chemicals has 4 offices, 7 conventional warehouses and 21 associated chemical production enterprises across the country. By 2023 we already had supplied hundreds of companies around the world with products for daily use, industrial chemicals, agricultural chemicals and more. BOYI Chemicals has signed targeted talent training agreements with a number of domestic and international universities, and each year attracts a large number of graduates in international languages and international trade continue to add momentum to the company. 
BOYI Chemicals has changed the  conventional company business model by turning a large team into multiple smaller teams, reducing the time to deliver, with each team having the same rights and product iterations, thus responding to the diverse product needs of the international market, making it easier to keep up with the pace of the market and give back to customers in a more efficient manner. At the same time BOYI Chemicals takes philanthropy as its own  responsibility, and provides financial support and assistance to charitable and educational institutions at home and abroad every year.